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Report - Seafish Industry Authority, Hull March 2009


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St Andrews Dock Gates were closed to the Hull fishing fleet on 3 Nov 1975. The dock is now filled in, the remaining surrounding buildings (eg LORD LINE) lay derelict. Until relatively recently there was one survivor, the “Seafish Industry Authority” building, but now its use has been transferred to the other side of the Humber.

BillAnd planned the trip and had recce’d the place earlier in the week and all was sorted, but when we turned up things had changed. Were we too late? We scratched our heads for a bit then headed on in ninja skillz stylee. A walk in explore would have been ‘nice’, but then for a night visit it was good to be pretty certain no one else was in there.

Walking round it was clear a lot of the building was pretty bland and trashed, modern suspended ceilings pulled down by pikeys doing a rush job of nicking copper. Again the thought of “Were we too late?” Then one by one the features unfolded, namely various old posters, bits of literature, a walk in safe, various wooden panelled offices and fireplaces, Fish oil samples, a nice gated lift, a nice wood and marble entrance way with compass/ heron floor/ wall, a rooftop, nothing high or grand, but I always like a wander on a roof. All in all a great night.






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