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Report - Seaton Heights, Devon. 24/10/18


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Seaton Heights hotel started out as Hawks Eye Motel and own d by the May family before it was turned into a hotel. It was located at the it of Seaton Down Hill with breathtaking views across Axe Valley Nature Reserve and Lyme Bay.

It boasted 26 en-suite bedrooms and a view of the sea in the top floor bedrooms. When opened, it had a restaurant, bar, sports hall, swimming pool, squash court, sauna and gym.


It closed in 2004, yet the owners remained for a short time. Car boot sales once took place in the grounds on the huge car park area.

This site has been explored by many over the years, with the earliest report I found in 2008. Whilst the place was trashed then, it was nothing like it is today. Explorers were keen to spot the two Anderson shelters on site, along with the swimming pool, neither of which I could find, but I suspect the shelters could possibly be found still unless they've been completely wrecked.

So on to the explore... This was my second visit, having visited 5 years ago having taken no photos then. I decided upon a different entry point this time, but to be fair, if you can't access this site then there's no hope!

The long walk up the drive was fine and peaceful, which was soon replaced by the sound of broken glass - lots of it! Unavoidable. Relentless. Glass, glass, glass!!!


It was a quick explore of the first building as it was totally trashed and uninspiring. Every room identical and bland. Even in its prime the rooms appear so basic and dull. I couldn't be bothered to go upstairs this time or take a shot of the stairs that everyone else has done to death.

On to the next, which was taken from outside the building, which I ventured into after the sports hall.


Continuing on around to the sports hall and the hotel signs are now long gone. No more HOT. No more muscly guy letting us know of the gym.


Venturing inside the sports hall I remembered was much more difficult last time. Today, only a gigantic flashing neon sign saying 'enter here' would be more obvious!

I've read that the sight sold for £3m last year, although clearly nothing has happened since, not even to protect the site more. There were 3 viewings for developers in February 2018, with the first coinciding with the opening day of the nearby Premier Inn, so was considered poor timing. The presence of bats has also been noted as delaying processes. A previous report mentions bats being viewed, and again, today, a bat flew past me in the squash court area. I don't understand why bats can't be moved to somewhere else, like Beer Caves, that housed 160 of them at the start of the year. Anyway, on with the photos of the gym...







Having had a good mooch around, I somehow avoided to find the changing rooms which I assumed were upstairs beyond the flooring I wasn't too keen to try out.

Upon leaving the sports hall I couldn't resist taking a shot of the fantastic scenery as the sun was coming down.


Venturing into what I believe was the dining area, inaccessible 5 years ago on my last visit, the place was like everything else, a complete state.




On to the roof I went. Nothing spectacular. Maybe the name of the next hotel?


That was enough for today. Sadly, this place really can't get any worse. How a site like this could go 13+ years without redevelopment is beyond me! I predict this place causing injury to someone before long. I also wouldn't be surprised if this place catches fire before demolishing finally takes place.


Thanks for viewing. I'm sort of hoping this is the last report on Seaton Heights, as it'll be good for development to occur, but I somehow doubt it and look forward to reading other reports in the coming years!

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