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Report - Seaton Heights Hotel - Devon - September 2014


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Ok so this is my first report, so I thought why not do somewhere that is literally just up the road from where I live.
There are plans to turn this old place into a brand new hotel, but plans have been on hold for a long time due to there being bats inside and are therefor protected. But the go ahead for demolition is meant to be (as stated in the local paper) this side of Christmas.

Post-demolition plans:http://lymebayleisure.co.uk/seaton-heights/

Finding history on this place has proven to be more difficult than I realised. But I do remember coming up here to attend the car boot sales that were situated in the car park of this place... Even managed to go inside whilst it was still an operating Hotel and get a soft drink from the bar!

Anyways. On with the pics

The place is far different from what I remember now.




The blackness on the walls and peeled wallpaper show how damp this place has gotten.


In the bar area, where I had that soft drink 15 years ago!

The Dining room.

Room just above it. Small stage in the back, so must have been an entertainment room

Upstairs in the Gym. Wanted to go further, but the floor was a touch damp underfoot.

Anyways. Hope that was ok for first report.


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So ruined it's transecended the realm of shitness and actually looks quite interesting.

Good first report fella


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28DL Full Member
I explored this place in August 2013. Not a lot has changed -it was pretty trashed then. I wasn't able to get inside the hotel but the squash club (from memory, but might have been a gym!) next door was easy. Is that the final picture? I too went upstairs and decided the floor was too bouncy and creaky to go any further. Shame though. Great report and bringing back the memories. Shame I didn't take photos back then.


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28DL Full Member
Yes this place is still standing, been there a few times recently, still looks exactlly the same as these photos, no work being done at all.

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