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Report - Seaview Hospital, Staten Island, NY - May 2016


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Morning folks,

Seen as everyone seems to be heading to Belgium at the moment I thought id head in the opposite direction and go back to New York for a few weeks.

One of my visits was Seaview Hospital on Staten Island, it was a tuberculosis hospital which was built in between 1905 and 1938. It is now slowly opening back up with new buildings being built and entwined within the old hospital building.

I was actually disappointed with myself because it was only after id left this place I did my research. If id done it before, id of realised we could of got into the main hospital and also just across the street was New York City Farm Colony!

The buildings we went in were the dormitories, they were just a bare shell with nature taking them back slowly. The downstairs was pitch black and made you question yourself about going inside, this lasted a few seconds before heading in.

I will let the pictures do the talking!











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Apologies about the big pictures, iv changed my hosting site so didn't realise they would come out that big. I'll change this for my next report that will be up soon on a well know NY Asylum ;)

@KellyJ86 Here is a quick report on Seaview!


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Wow! Your photography never ceases to amaze! Particularly like the first shot, reminds me of something from an American horror movie. Great Work! Looking forward to reading your next report from the US :thumb