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Lead or Rumour info - secret pub under shopping centre-Leicestershire


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I've read about this a few times now over the last couple of years but I think the only access is inside the building on top?

Though they would have needed to get the beer down there so maybe there is a "cellar" entrance somewhere.


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this has been posted before, and yes the only access noted was a utility cover within the building, someone did attach a picture which showed it to be in rather a public spot under the watchful eye of cctv.

It’s never stopped anyone before, and I’m surprised nobody local has been in ?


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I've looked, and yeah the manhole is right at the bottom of the main stairs up to the car psrk.... Defo covered by cctv


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Yep. It’s still there but no longer accessible. The only access is now a hole in the floor covered by cctv at the bottom of a stairway and lifts leading to the car parks. There used to be access from the outside which is now a flower shop. Would love to visit as it’s very local to me but yet to find a way in with out being spotted.