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28DL and UE in the News Secrets of an UrbEx mission: London Evening Standard 15/03/10

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nice work mate,nice article,dont worry if people slag you off about it they are just jealous as you will get some you always do with a less productive life than yours :D
sounds like he had a good time to.


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nice article there... No idea where he is talkin about though, ;)
Excellent, positive article.

However, i must agree with this, good on Scott for demanding he kept the name confidential - but the description was a little bit on the detailed side!

Whilst these articles are a good description of what we do, and not false accusations and stereotype - editors being so descriptive of things is only going to encourage more people who are less enthusiastic about preservation. take the comment about the trespass law

Anyway, pardon my cynicism. great job Scott. credit to ya :thumb

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Cheers everyone. I hope it's all okay with everyone here, I agreed to do it as it was going to be from a positive angle. And I can assure you all that the board we 'bent' was already bent and was unharmed in the process squeezing through. I strictly enforced that he wasn't to give any access details, I guess it could've been any board. And I just told him of MC Hammer, not that I thought it was him that boarded it all up. Apart from these small things, I think it's a well written piece and a good exposure of exploring aswell as my photos and I told the journalist that he could come exploring with us again if he wanted to. He was decent and genuine, I wouldn't have taken him otherwise. Thanks!


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The location is vague until one clicks through to his flickr and finds they're tagged 'west park'. Oddly his flickr is titled graffitibern.

Not that I give a fuck, it's west park. just sayin' is all.
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