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Selby police station. August 2019


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Not a very exciting building really. I was in the area so I had a look. After a wonder around it was obvious there was access. So I did what I had to do and went back for a look round.
Id been in and gone. Cut a long story short I shared this location we a lad. Who went posted his photos and then the police rocked up at his house. While they was doing there investigating they had found out he had picked himself a silvouneer up. And come across my name while doing so.. this resulted in a phone call from NYP demanding me to delete my photos or i would be arrested for burglary. I wasn't keen on following up on his demands so I quite simply just told him to fuck off. Didn't hear anything for a few weeks. Next thing my mum rings me at 3.20am theres police here for you. Four of them in two Van's lol. I had a short conversation with the police man which resulted in me telling him to fuck off again. Couple more weeks pas. Couple more phone calls and msg. I now had a warrant out for my arrest so following the cooling tower demo at ferrybridge I made my way to selby police station on arrival I was arrested for burglary took to york kept for a few hours interviewed. They decided it was best to converskate my phone to see if I had been bragging to anyone about stealing something in txt.. which I hadn't. So that leaves me with no phone for a few months. Think it was early September I got a phone call all enquiries had been dropped they was hapoy i wasnt a burglar..














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Interesting write up, sometimes we have to be careful who we explore with or tell.
Its a shame you lost your photos til now. You say not interesting explore by I found the shots and report very interesting. Lots of stuff left, and shows how wasteful our services can be, we have a shortage already, yet they leave, monitors, gear, and furniture behind.

Modern building yes, but great insight into how they treat the equipment they are given.
Good report, and glad no charges were brought.


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28DL Full Member
That very true. Must of been mad to pick something up from a police station tho...I didn't loose them jus not put a report up that's all.

The was allsorts of stuff in skips ramd back. Crackers what they throw away.

They tried to say I had to pay for the toilets re painted as this is where access was. And the was foot prints on a window cil. Not mine tho so I want paying for that.


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It's amazing how sensitive the police are about protecting their crap and how intolerant they are about protecting yours.

I've got to ask, what did the kid take? My money's on a badge.
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