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Report - Selly Oak Hospital, Birmingham - June/November 2014


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Re: Selly Oak Hospital, Birmingham - June - November 2014

I'd love to find somebody to tag along with on some of these explores, and yes I guess you would feel more alert lol


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Hi all.

I cleared out this place a few years back before just after the main departments moved to the QE.

Even a month after people had been in to strip the copper from the buildings.

The sterile services is worth a look. It's just behind the A&E just on the side road which runs alongside the railway opposite the pub.

All departments have now left the site.
Security and the whole area was ramped up when the travellers arrived. The site was still active and the power had to be cut to the site meaning a hundred or so staff had to work elsewhere until the site was cleared and made safe.

I remember walking around with the security guard. I had to guide him around to find what we were moving. He said he wasn't keen on walking through the hospital and the usual ghostly goings on !

The old listed buildings will be kept and converted to housing and the rest knocked down and housing built.

Never seen the mortuary and to be honest when still in service wasn't keen !
It was obviously still active until 3 years ago and glad its still intact.


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Sterile services and the other 60s bits like xray and that were demolished about 18 months ago. Didn't manage to see those unfortunately.

I read that the first stage of development will be on the other side of the road to the main hospital so its likely what is left will sit derelict for quite some time and probably end up in as much of a state as most other hospitals do. Site fencing has gone up round quite a few more buildings now. I dont really know of much of interest tho.

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I did go down and have a look at this site and quite a bit has been
demolished but there is a few buildings left, they have become very
fond of their fencing though that section off different parts of the
Hospital ;)


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Time flies - I have no need to go that side of the city anymore since moving back in 2014.

Didn't realise either it was 5 years since QE opened.


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Great report some nice pictures there, going to have to see this place soon be nicer to have someone go with though, if anyone wants to go and wants some company just chuck us a pm :)