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Report - Selly Oak Hospital, Birmingham - May 2015


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Selly Oak Hospital was a fantastic place to explore a couple of years back. I'm not normally a huge fan of modern hospitals - or modernised old hospitals for that matter - but Selly Oak had many many things left inside that were worth a poke around at as well as a fantastic mortuary, easily the best I have seen in the UK.

It also seemed to have weirdly sporadic security. I had heard tales of how on it they could be, so was prepared to exercise a bit of running if needed but there was no need, as there didn't seem to be anyone there at all when we rocked up. No sign of any security, no cars on site nothing. Perhaps we just got lucky, I don't know, as a couple of weeks later people were reporting 'security' guards patrolling around the site holding baseball bats...

After some dilligent searching we finally found one very small window into the hospital and there followed a completely undignified but very funny entrance. We spent a good few hours inside the sprawling main hospital building then headed out and to the mortuary building which we knew would be a tough one to get into. Luckily one of the other explorers we had met along the way was a fairly good climber and he was kind enough to go in first and open a fire door for us more portly, less flexible explorers.

I believe it's been almost completely demolished now although there may be a couple of bits left, not sure.



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Great report mate!! Was a great explore back then.. I drove past a few weeks back on the way to Cadbury World with the little one and most of it is new houses now, few of the older buildings still standing but not much now..


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28DL Full Member
I've been in the area recently. The hospital is mostly gone and they are building a whole new housing estate on its former site. Few buildings remained.