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Report - Selly Oak Hospital - Birmingham - Nov 2014

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I had said no to derps at the weekend as the original plans were way up in the grim north and working nights i need to be home for an afternoon catnap before the Sat night shift, so instead i spend the previous evening drinking way to much and plan a day of chilling... only i wake to a FB convo of oh we need to check here actually, an hour later I'm wet through and still on the wrong side of the perimeter fence

after a good few hours in the main buildings attention turned to the fact we hadn't actually found Pathology and the chapel we found was just a 70's board room, having located the Path labs it was then a game of cat and mouse with the secca man trying to work out a way in, finally in he gave us another scare and conviced he had locked us in at one point but all came good in the end

The first buildings on the site of Selly Oak Hospital were those of the King’s Norton Union Workhouse, a separate infirmary was built in 1897 at a cost of £52,000. The population of the King’s Norton Union increased dramatically, and in 1907 extensions to the infirmary and the workhouse made provision for the growing numbers of poor people. This doubled the size of the main hospital building. The Woodlands Nurses’ Home was built at the same time to accommodate forty nurses. A small operating room was added to the infirmary.

In 1911, King’s Norton – no longer a rural area – left Worcestershire and became part of the City of Birmingham. The Birmingham Union was formed from the unions of King’s Norton, Aston and Birmingham. The King’s Norton Workhouse Infirmary was renamed Selly Oak Hospital. Selly Oak Hospital continued to grow, new operating theatres were added in 1931, and the biochemistry and pathology laboratories opened in 1934. Nurses had been trained at Selly Oak since 1897, but it wasn’t until 1942 that the School of Nursing was opened.

The hospital closed in 2012 upon completion of the new Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Relocation of the first services from Selly Oak began during the summer of 2010 when its A&E department moved to the new Hospital on 16 June and over the next 7 days Critical Care and other departments moved step-by-step the 1.5 miles to the new hospital.

done and dusted with Goldie87, MD a non member and with help from tourist information :thumb










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Re: Selly Oak Hospital - Birmingham - Nov '14

This place looks good
excellent shots Mr Sam :thumb


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Re: Selly Oak Hospital - Birmingham - Nov '14

I'm enjoying seeing this place recently, looks real nice.