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Report - Selly Oaks Morgue & Pathology Labs, Birmingham - July 2015


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The explore.....

Visited with @Will Knot very early morning....what a guy, drove down, access sorted, started snapping!

After a entrance that Bruce Lee would have been proud of, we headed for our main target - the morgue and path labs. The morgue didn't disappoint as it is pristine. We were like a couple of kids in a sweet shop and the drive down when others were sleeping was now worth it.

A bit of history...

Selly Oak Hospital was situated in the Selly Oak area of Birmingham, England. Previously part of University Hospital Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust, the hospital closed in 2011.
The first buildings on the site of Selly Oak Hospital were those of the King’s Norton Union Workhouse. It was a place for the care of the poor and was one of many workhouses constructed throughout the country following the introduction of the Poor Law Amendment Act of 1834. This act replaced the earlier system of poor relief, dating from 1601.
The rising costs of poor relief had become a national problem and the new act sought to address this. Throughout the country, parishes were formed into larger unions with the power to raise money from rates on property to pay for the poor. King’s Norton Poor Law Union was formed from the parishes of Harborne, Edgbaston, King’s Norton, Northfield and Beoley. Each of these five parishes had individual workhouses.
These were replaced in 1872 by the new, much larger one at Selly Oak. It was built to accommodate 200 pauper inmates. Central supervision by the Poor Law Commissioners in London ensured that all workhouses were administered similarly by a set of rules and regulations. How humanely these were interpreted depended entirely upon each local board of Poor Law Guardians, who were local worthies. They were elected annually and gave their services voluntarily.
The population of the King’s Norton Union increased dramatically, and in 1907 extensions to the infirmary and the workhouse made provision for the growing numbers of poor people. This doubled the size of the main hospital building. The Woodlands Nurses’ Home was built at the same time to accommodate forty nurses. A small operating room was added to the infirmary.
In 1911, King’s Norton – no longer a rural area – left Worcestershire and became part of the City of Birmingham. The Birmingham Union was formed from the unions of King’s Norton, Aston and Birmingham. The King’s Norton Workhouse Infirmary was renamed Selly Oak Hospital Selly Oak Hospital continued to grow, new operating theatres were added in 1931, and the biochemistry and pathology laboratories opened in 1934. Nurses had been trained at Selly Oak since 1897, but it was not until 1942 that the School of Nursing was opened.
In 1948, when the National Health Service was introduced, Selly Oak Hospital and Selly Oak House were amalgamated. Since then many changes to the site have resulted in the institution we see today.


The examination room




Didn't realise I'd caught this weird guy in my shot until I got home! Haha....


Chapel of rest...


External shot

Again, thanks to @Will Knot for an epic morning.....



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Entrance was more Bruce Forsyth than Bruce Lee when I was there recently. You must have chosen a very different way in as it hadn't changed. Good snaps.
The entrance and exit was far from Bruce Forsyth mate.....without going into detail cant say much more...theyve had a crack at sealing it put it that way..


This is not a good idea. Let's do it.
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Love these shots. Hospitals and morgue freak me out. I'll stick to living vicariously through reports like this !