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Report - Seven Pines (Bryan Forbes Mansion) - Virginia Water - May 2019

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Just been, ill be adding photos in a bit but someone within the last month opened the cellar door, it's a large wine store and thee is still evidence of a pulley system for a rising wall in the dining room
Oo cant wait to see new pics :D


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Here's what i can put together with my lack of photos (all of them are linked at the end)

Front door was stiff but it opens, Clearly there's been some tidying up but its still clear kids have had their fun


Theatre room was a mess, but with the electricity now back on you can make out the outlines of movie posters on the walls lit by the lights. Here's also the electric projector screen going up and down

Steps leading down into the basement, which turned out to mostly just be a wine cellar. Those bottles pictured were still unopened.

Here's where it got interesting. This metal frame seen on the left is what replaced the wall that would move up and down. The white brick wall was clearly added as a newer addition, along with the metal.



This hole in the wall and pulley are some of the only evidence of what would have been here. They perfectly line up to be able to lift a partition wall up and down, with the photo below also showing a pulley up above near ground level, also showing the top of the metal that would have been the platform that was pulled up and down. I took no photos of the dining room but up close you can see marks and cracks where the tracks for the wall were covered over.




Not pictured well but the main entrance has some of the wine bottles from the cellar outside, plus a few empty extinguishers which kids had ejected all over the place.


I managed to find the location of the greenhouse and workshop, the greenhouse is small but had this really nice looking wood stove, still loaded with wood and ready to burn.


If i'm right in assuming this is the remains of the workshop. A very long whiole ago judging by the foliage the metal/wood poles photographed would have made up a workshop, although nothing really remains

Tried to keep this light but his autobiography has uncovered a lot, i'm busy attaching photros together with what I've found of Bryan Forbes back in the day and will be putting it in the information section of the forum. Here's the link for all the photos, thrown in with originals:



Calamity Jane

i see beauty in the unloved, places & things
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Nicely explained, wow, so James Bond lol. Shame it was removed. Boys and their toys eh, but saying that im female and think this is pretty cool :cool: Thanks @Andrew32 fabs extras :thumb


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Very interesting but quite sad to see in a way. I read an autobiography of Forbes written back in the late 90's and he talks very fondly about this house - the family must have been very happy there for over 60 years - I notice it even has a dark room - Forbes was a keen photographer. Not surprised that the house hasn't sold though - architecturally it's a bit of a mishmash of Edwardian and Postmodern and won't appeal to rich buyers. A lot of the houses in that area get bulldozed and replaced by bespoke designs for wealthy people. The same will happen to its replacement in a few decades time.
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In addition to the consealed dining room wall rising from the cellar, the designer installed a gigantic boiler which circulated hot water around the walls and ceilings, well ahead of its time and a technical variation on the Roman method. The very same 30's plumbing in the master bedroom.


Access to the cellar with the now defunt rising wall which is on the left at the bottom of the staircase


Curious storage behind the cellar staircase, only access appeared to be through the treads.


Not only a prolific movie director and author but gardener in the 10 acres at Seven Pines

DSC_9231 (1).JPG



I adore the 'S' shape this staircase makes with the plaster edge


A retro 700 series GPO telephone connected to the private estate security department, how quaint.


Just look at all that washing up you have to do Bryan, cheers!



Thanks to @Andrew32 for guiding me in my first Urbex, heartrate was 150bpm as we left site. Bye-bye Seven Pines.



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Does anyone live near by and fancy giving me a tour ? I'm literally round the corner :) but I don't want to enter if there security patrolling...


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Does anyone live near by and fancy giving me a tour ? I'm literally round the corner :) but I don't want to enter if there security patrolling...
Already been plenty enough., but park far away where you can and walk in through the garden, front door is unlocked and is stiff but opens

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