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Report - Seven Pines - Virginia Water - May 2019


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Backtracking a bit with this one as I did it a decent while ago. As I'm sure you all know, this place has been done ad infinitum in the past few months, but I thought I'd chuck my two cents in as well.
Since I went here it's been trashed quite a lot with local kids finding it presumably, paired with a lack of security or access deterrent.

Bryan Forbes used to own this mansion when he and his wife bought it in 1955 when it was in a derelict state for £7000.
The pair lived in the house all the way until 2013 when Bryan died, leaving his wife with the house.
In 2016 she moved out because of maintenance costs and left it in an abandoned state once again.
It was on sale for £2.7M and was bought by a housing company.

I went in a route that was much harder than necessary, trekking through gardens and hedgerows until coming out in the back garden.
Regrettably I didn't get any external shots of this place as it started raining as we left, but it really is a sight to see, and at first I was sceptical as to whether we'd even come out in the abandoned mansion grounds or a nearby active house!

This commonly-seen shot is on the first floor up from the main door. Many shelves were (evidently) stacked with books and technology, all of which are now strewn across and landing and stairwell... :/
The skylight at the end is actually a light which does turn on, along with using lots of natural light.

Loved this staircase, and admittedly the photos aren't the best from here, but the intricacy of the hand rail with the small statues at each floor is something to pay attention to.
IMG_4316-3 POST.jpg

Little office on the ground floor with a functioning light and poster left on the table.

A shot from the ground floor looking straight up the building. The top floor is essentially nothing, just a small little platform to look down on (next photo).

The top floor in its entirety! I really like the curtains and the gold hand rail, but can't quite see the purpose of it haha, tripod was literally wedged right up against the wall to take this photo.
IMG_4303 new.jpg

A pretty trash photo, but a nice room and lights which turned on initially but then proceeded to stop working:confused:
IMG_4336 new.jpg

To finish, I messed about with photoshop a bit and got an impossible mirror shot ;)
Impossible Mirror.jpg

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