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Report - Severall Hospital - the villas not the mainsite! – January, 2012


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
So after returning to London from checking Ongar and a failed attempt at McMullens brewery....(so many Polish there couldn't believe it), the next day was Severalls and out to Essex again from good, old London.

Checked it out with some non-members and sidekick Cyberchi again.

After a couple hours drive down to Severalls, we spent a few hours scoping the place out. I've never seen such a locked down secure site in my previous explores....

We managed to get into the outer complex where we met another 28DL when trying to get into the main site and some non-members! Hello - you know who you are!!

So the pictures are of the satellite villas around the main site. A bit of interest if you've never been but the lure of the main site is too tempting than these villas. Unfortuately I didn't have the time to check the main area out as it was getting dark and I had to drive back to the big smoke.

I missed out on West Park and Cane Hill, so this one I'm going to try to see before Mr JCB and his diggers get their mits on it.

The explore was like having a starter but without the delicious main meal, which you can see but can't have! I've got to go back to see the main site. It's bugging me now! Later though!

Anyway if the mods think there isn't much here to interest people, please feel free to 'bin' it and pop it in the 'Fetid Pit of Despair.' Got to pop that cherry sooner or later!