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Report - Severalls Asylum Chapel May 2012

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Quoted from Colchester historic building forum.
"The Chapel is a plain structure with little detail to relieve the massive red brick buttressed construction. The design consists of a central nave with a south transept; the north transept was apparently never built. The roof is covered with red clay tiles and a single bell hangs from a buttressed, open belfry over the east end of the roof. The main entrance is through the door on the west end, set within a simple brick arch opening. There are two doors of the same design in the opposite ends of the south elevation. Otherwise simple lancet windows in the west end and over the aisles in the north and south elevations are the only features.
Text and illustration based on information from the report: Severalls Asylum Hospital, Historic Building Assessment prepared for Capitec by the Ingram Consultancy, 2001 which considers that this building, other than being an original part of the asylum scheme, has little architectural merit."

The most outstanding feature is the stained glass window which did make this little visit worth it. I do find it interesting that the figures that represent the patients are the only ones on their knees.

Looking around we saw some pretty big cracks in the masonry, quite a big one at the top of the main arch that has been patch up with what looked like board. The Chapel is going to be knocked down as we found out after a chat with secca, is is subsiding. Also as qouted above "little architectural merit."

On with the pics!











Thanks for looking! :)


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Hello, it is possible to have a good quality pictures of the keyboard organ ?
we saved the organ from the demolition to come, but during the dismantling, we could not find the stops buttons of the console.
Thanks :)


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I heard that the chapel will be demolished around January 2017...
But the organ is saved now, and will be reinstalled in church in Brittany ;)

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