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Report - Severalls Asylum- January 2016

Miles Brewer

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28DL Full Member
I know that Severalls has been done to death, but this visit was pretty special - so to save you the time, or if you're new here, here's the history of the Asylum:

Seeing as our 3 month ban from the Asylum was up (fairly handed out by the infamous secca), we decided that another trip was in order, which may well be our last.
From what we could see with builders and loggers roaming the corridors, Severall's appears to be prepped for demolition. This became clear as soon as we entered, to be greeted by 2 parked cars, and the sound of chainsaws, permeating the normally deathly silence.

Having avoided security on the way in, we headed straight to the Fernholme Villa, notorious for housing the more violent female patients, which contained examples of past cells, one of which can be seen in the linked photos at the end of the report. Being very near the security perimeter road, meaning near the fence, the Fernholme villa sees a large amount of footfall, and so was inevitably in a state of complete disrepair due to vandals.

Having left Fernholme, we headed into the eastern wing of the asylum, exploring the seemingly never ending hallways, until eventually we stumbled across the Loading bay. The bay, constructed mainly of what appears to be plainwood in amazing condition, was one of my favourite locations. It contains the freight lift, as well as a basement, labelled 'Vault' in graffiti, containing an ageing generator. At the Bay, we had our closest contact to security and loggers to date, having to duck behind a corridor rule, and being passed by less than a meter by 4 loggers.

We then moved into another corridor, taking us to a very large open room, which looked like it may have been a canteen (?). Following this, we followed the route the loggers had taken, which took us to an open area with worryingly freshly cut logs (assumed loggers were at lunch). From here we followed some dense woodland, and eventually stumbled on a cross shaped building, the infamous morgue (props EH), which still contained the body freezers, an incredible site.

Somehow, we managed to make it out they way we came in without getting caught.
Look forward to the next Severalls trip.


Thanks, questions welcome.

Mr Beady

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I've a question. when will we see the pictures ? you need to use Flickr or photobucket to host your images and add them to your report rather than have a link


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The imgur link does work and you have some quality snaps. However we luke to have the images showing in the report itself as opposed to having to visit an external link, so it's best to use photobucket and copy the [img ] links into the body of the report.


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28DL Full Member
As said before, the pics in the link are good
There's one piece of graffiti that...stands out...

Mitch Fogle

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28DL Full Member
You said theyre working on demol this place... like would you suspect that itd be gone by july? I was planning on going

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