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Report - Severalls - Colchester - 2015


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I know this place has been done to death, but it will always have a special place in my heart and probably a lot of other peoples. This was one of my first ever explores and I've been addicted to the place ever since so these shots aren't just from one trip but a culmination of all the ones I took over 2015.


I'll keep this brief.

Built in 1910 it was based on the Echelon plan, essentially meaning that you never had to leave the building because everything was joined together using the impressive set of interconnecting tunnels which are the main draw of the place. There are also some villas which were constructed at a later date.
There were of course reports of nasty experiments happening at certain points here however after a change in management in the 1960's the use of things like frontal lobotomys was stopped.
The site closed in the 1990's along with many other asylums as part of a new psychiatric care initiative. Since then the site has remained relatively unchanged except for some buildings have been lost to fire. It has finally been sold and demolition has begun.


This site is massive. Nothing prepares you for just how much is here. I ended up going in lots of little short visits in an attempt to cover as much as possible. However there is so much more than just those corridors, the amount of outbuildings remaining as well as the way nature has reclaimed the grounds is awesome. One of my favourite bits is this bizarre picket fence with a gate hanging off surrounded by conifers in a wild state, it just looks so surreal where it is.
Access is simple enough, and of course security was ever present. Pleased to say that they never caught me although I did encounter them once from a distance in the grounds so I just quietly walked back to where I entered and left.
I've decided to share some pictures that aren't the corridors or the main building just to make this a little different.