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Lead or Rumour info - Severalls Demoliton


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28DL Full Member
Hi, I'm a long time lurker on this site and have been exploring for a year or so now. But I heard something the other day I thought I might have to share. I'm more then aware that severalls has played a huge part in the urban ex community and is a very popular and well loved place. Rumours are always flying around about it being knocked down and after reading a few recent reports it seems it's true that the site has been sold off and some ground work is going on, I.e tidying up, logging etc. To my amazement Friday I found a contractor having a conversation with my boss in front of my desk about some work going on at our yard. Long story short we are having some earth moved and he happened to tell us where the earth is going. I don't want to cause a panic but from what I could get out of him, it's not long until the bulldozers show up. Houses are being built on the site of the rose field opposite and once that is complete he is coming to collect from us and that is heading straight for sevs. I opologise in advance if any of this is incorrect but I thought I better share anyway. Cheers