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Report - Severalls Hospital Colchester – October 2014


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The History

It’s safe to say the history of this site is well published on the forum. Summarised, the site was an asylum built in 1910 designed by architect Frank Whitmore. It closed in 1997 and has been left to decay, becoming a hot spot for urban explorers – and rightly so as it represents a closed chapter on previous medicine and hospital building design.

From my understanding, the main hospital site/land is still owned by the NHS and previous sales in the past have fallen through (for various reasons). Surrounding areas have seen new development and it’s likely any demolition of the entire site will probably happen in stages.

The Explore

After a technical reccy and careful planning (credit to Slayaaaa and Oakley for recent intel) both me and exploring buddy Boomstick84 travelled to the site. We approached with as much stealth as possible, waiting for the right time to move. Narrowly missing an instant bust (phew) we quickly made our way inside the perimeter.

Once inside we quickly got to the first building, methodically moving around the south west quarter of the site using GPS. We got around 4 hours decent exploring before being gracefully busted by Michael. Partly our own fault, although he was hot on our tracks. Very politely, he took our details and kindly showed us the ‘easy’ way out.

The Photos












Mr Boomstick84


Doors not yet closed at Severalls, thanks for looking!
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Re: Severalls Hospital Colchester – October 2014, with Ghost Photo??!!

Nice report mate, really do like that first shot! :thumb

Was a fun day all round, shame we didn't get to cover the rest but all things considered I think we got a decent run at it. Perfect day for it too, seeing Sevs as the sun came up made it look pretty spectacular.


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Re: Severalls Hospital Colchester – October 2014, with Ghost Photo??!!

Nice pics!

With that trick of the light pic, I can see a sort of spiral shaft of light halfway down the corridor but other than that nothing, what am I supposed to be looking for?


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Fantastic shots mate! :thumb I wonder how long this plce will be standing for? Must get in gear and get down here before it's too late
Thanks mate :thumb It's anyone's guess but any project to remove the entire site will take some time.