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Report - Severalls Hospital, Colchester, July 2011


Khan't touch this.
That's right, plenty of backstory to the place in many many threads here already so I'll just get on with the photos and visit details :popcorn

Yes we rustled around in the bushes for ages because there were random noises being heard - Turns out it was Wevsky/Obscurity & crew also looking for the way in. Also turns out they did the hard work of cleaning out the glass and rocks for us so we just followed in - Cheers lads :D

I visited with Olz9181 and the site is pretty nice if you like corridors (lots and lots of corridors) but apart from that there are also some ruined and externally exposed areas that have some nice features and graffiti. not much else is around really. Unlike West Park or Graylingwell or even Hasler, there is no equipment or beds or even a damn wheelchair to be seen any more here.

Oh well.

All pics shot with the 10-22mm, the first Urbex outing with it and it did a superb job. I'll post better pics as time goes on and I get used to this new found focal length ;-)





^ I think this kind of shot is actually in every Severalls report posted so far :p


^ My previous 17mm lens would no way be able to get this much scene in one shot, would have to stitch for sure.











^ Had 2 shots of this, the other from the far end looking forwards at the water tower but I reckon this one gives more perspective to the corridor (did I mention this place has a lot of them??)










And lastly...


^ We found this guy stuck on its own in one corridor. There were tweeting noises coming from above so it must have fallen and gotten lost. It was too young to fly so Olz picked it up and set it outside where it later hopped into the bushes tweeting.

:Not Worthy


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