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Report - Severalls Hospital - July


jah rastafari
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Here it is again

I thought I would start the month of with a trip to Colchester to see Severalls before it was to late. I love these sort of asylums with their Echelon plan, reminds me of the late west park, which is now noble park.
This was slightly disappointing compared but still a awsome building and stunning architecture. Some of the buildings are still in a ok state but empty, seems a shame a road is going to replace this.

here is a bit of the history I find most interesting.

Psychiatrists were free to experiment with new treatments on patients seemingly at will using practices now considered unsuitable such as electro-convulsive therapy and the use of frontal lobotomy. women were admitted by their own family, sometimes as the result of bearing illegitimate children or as they had been subjected to rape. As they would not always (or were unable to) carry out daily tasks, they were considered to be insane and some were even subjected to ECT and lobotomy.
It was built in 1910 and opened in 1913 and like most asylums of this era started to close down in the 90's. As most of you know this place has been ruined by arson attack's and chavs.:mad:

The explore
big thanks to DHL and oliverGT for the advise:thumb

done with 3 none members, who are my good pals.

so it started with a early awakening and a little drive over to my mates who was going to drive the rest of the way to Essex. The lazy sod was not up yet, so me and my other mate told him to take his time and headed to Mcd's for a munch and a smoke. half hour later and we were ready to roll, had a nice easy drive and soon enough we were turning off for sev's. the area looked new with nice smooth roads and you could see where the old roads would have lead to the main hospital, so off we went, had a nice stroll round to work out the best plan and of to work we went. we must have been digging for about a hour when a security guy came walking around on the other side of the fence, shocked at what we had done to his lovely ground, polity asking us to fill it in(which we did). He was the nicest security I have ever meet, telling us story's about other explorers and how its the dog walkers that are the ones who call the police, he is a credit to his company doing his job the way it should be done

After a nice chat we weren't going to give up, so plan B was formed.
we were in.

or so we thought......
another fence out the way and we were properly in​



















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