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Report - Severalls, Ivy and Fernholm villa's? Dec 2011

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A chilly December evening i pick up my buddy for an afternoon of recon at Severalls. After a short walk a bit of under and through we came across a villa, possibly Fernholm? We were in, and away camera's unpacked and away we went. Not the nicest of locations, but this has been around a long time and we wanted to get a feel for the place. With a lot of imagination its possible to see beyond the destruction and decay. There are lots of signs of small fires, and it amazed me this place is still standing.

So an hour or so later we head out to what was left of Ivy Villa. This looks like it's been victim of arson on the east wing of the building, no surprise really. The centre part of this building has had a complete roof colapse and had left a fire place 12 feet from the ground. We spent some time going through the length of the Villa and looking out of the window as darkness was coming i saw a white van arrive at some buildings that were lit up and looked in use. We were not spotted and carried on taking photo's.

As daylight faded to be replaced by moonlight it was time to go leaving a successful first explore of Severalls. As we pack up we looked through the fence at our next mission, the main hospital.

For those intrested i used a Fuji Finepix HS20 bridge camera which i have found great for me as i'm a complete pohotography novice.

Enjoy looking at some of the results from my first attempt.











Feedback apreciated.

Thanks your looking. :thumb

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