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Lead or Rumour info - Severalls male and female Mortuary/morgues and post mortem room?

Ben Stannard

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Hi, So I thought this bit of info would be interesting. I'm unsure whether This is correct or whatever. but it's worth mentioning. I've been to Severalls a few times now and still haven't seen all of it and after a lot of research through pathology books and records etc. I've managed to find this: Severalls - Mortuary, former Severalls Hospital, Boxted Road, Colchester, CO4 5HG | Colchester Historic Buildings Forum

Everyone has seen the 9-body morgue nearer the centre and the maintenance sheds and workhouse etc. (there are countless selfies on this forum of it! :p) but this says about another 2 morgues and a post mortem room? I've located the building mentioned in the page.


It is the long shaped building to the west of the admin block. The cross shaped part of the west part of the building apparently is the morgue (to the west and east are the male and female morgues, the post mortem room to the south and a waiting room to the north).

I'm not 100% sure if the build is accessible however. The rest of the building is a workshop.

Has anyone else known about this? I do apologise if anyone does, please remove the thread if so. I just thought it was very interesting and definitely worth a visit with a camera.

I originally intended to take a look myself, but I just haven't got round to it and would rather someone with more time had a go at it! I'd love to see some pics of the morgues and post mortem table (?) if it's still there. If anyone wants to plan a visit with others PM me! As I may be free.


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Thats how the mortuary would have originally been. It was mostly converted to other use at some point i think.


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Typically a lot of the mortuaries at Asylums were converted - when patient numbers started to fall in the 1950s onwards the demand for them lessened and in saving money the bodies were sent to the local A&E/General hospital for PM instead. The mortuaries were then typically part converted with the body fridge retained for holding bodies till they could be picked up by the hospital.
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