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Report - Severalls Mental Hospital - Demo Update

Luke Takes Pictures

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Just to update everyone, there is new fencing up near the Mill Road clinic and signs warning of Construction Traffic using that road. There is also a new cabin by the gate, presumably for security to be stationed there.

Far worse, inside the grounds there are a few new portable cabins set up near the south facing Female Wards and some machinery already on site, though I think that is mainly for clearing the land as apposed to heavy demolition.

Also one of the buildings outside of the main complex but within the fence, on the east side, surrounded by trees (I have no idea what these were used for) appears to have had the land cleared around it and a lot of plastic tarp has appeared on the building around the doors and windows, not sure if that was there before but it looks quite new and I would make a guess that they are going to start with those first before moving onto the main complex.

Looks like the beginning of the end for the ol' girl so anyone planning a visit I would recommend getting down there before the work really begins! They've been a bit slow so far but like with West Park once they get going it'a amazing how fast it comes down! :(