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Does anyone have any updates on what's currently happening with Severalls? Has any of the work started?




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When I went there last month there was a lot of roadworks and builders working very close but it seems there is a little bit of the original building left but who knows for how long.


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Thanks Sancosi. It may well be worth a visit before it's consigned to the history books forever!

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Also dont forget to pop over to the souvenir were you can get tea towels, fridge magnets, tee shirts, pens, rubbers, books, wind charms, jigsaws etc, also there is a sit in cafe which serves hot food on a daily basis.

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Couple of months since I was last there but im pretty sure there's only one of the outer villas that's been demoed (Fernholme villa) way back in 2011 to make way for the new road going past. The construction for this new main road is what is happening right now along with the first phase of housing on an adjoining (previously empty) field. Im not entirely sure why people think its being demoed quite yet.


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In very recent news (in the last couple of months) there has been confirmation that there will be some building works going on very soon

The only thing actually happening right now is the construction of the Northern Approach Road - which doesnt affect the hospital itself.


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work started ages ago but they are not touching severalls for another 2 years
Really? On a very recent trip, as mentioned, the main road is being built across the satellite demo'd villas and former hospital farm land/recreation land and housing is being built around this. Logically this side of the redevelopment and road would have to be in place before the main site was tackled.
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