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Report - Severn railway bridge tunnel oct 2011


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Title might not make sense to all, but from 1879 until 1960 there was a crossing over the river Severn, from the village of Purton on the west side to Purton on the east side (yep two villages - same name).

Couldn't see it reported on here before so hopefully of interest.

A multiple span iron bridge, it carried a railway over the Severn to the junction of the ship canal at Sharpness. Built just before and in competition with the tunnel under the River it knocked 30 miles off the journey from Wales via Gloucester.


In 1960 2 runaway petrol barges hit the bridge causing substantial damage. Despite efforts to repair it, it never reopened finally being demolished in 1970.

Bridge after accident showing missing section

Wiki here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Severn_Railway_Bridge

Nicked the old photos from here http://www.photobydjnorton.com/SevernRailwayBridge.html

I went with the dog to check out any remains of the bridge but mainly to find the tunnel that cuts through a hill on the approach to the bridge. Anyone who has been to the Severn will know the mud is super slippy at the best of times, it was pissing it down when we were there which made it all extra exciting making our way along the bank, even the dog was struggling and he has an extra pair of legs.
Any way on with the pics.

We stared here at the current railway mainline

Not much to see but this is where that massive bridge stood (Sharpness dock in the distance)

On the same spot, looking inland - a collapsed pier

A few relics like this saddle on the shoreline

A daring sprint over the railway and across a few fields and finally hello tunnel (east portal)

Inside in very good nick



Standing just inside the west portal

And the east portal again, this time just after closure

A great day was had despite the rain and I got a chance to practice my long exposure photoing (yep I know - more practice required!)

Tanks for looking :thumb