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Report - Shardlow House - July 2016


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member

so hey guys,

bit of an interesting one to say the least ended up in me getting chased out by a pikey...

nevertheless - so for my second report I was fairly happy with the ease of getting into this house - after numerous fails of the Milford Mill and Aida Derby I resorted to this,

not much history behind this house from what I know - not entirely sure if someone watched us go in or not but was a bit dodgy haha,

when we got in the first instinct was jesus this place has been trashed - clearly the elements and chavs have been in - all the windows have been completely boarded up but luckily I have my video light so I could light up the dark rooms.

The upstairs was a mess with some of the floorboards completely falling through - we decided not to do that much exploring up there...

after we got all of the photos inside TC_ suggested we go round to the garden to see if we could find anything there and if there was a garage / outhouse,

after navigating through what felt like a small f***ed up jungle full of nettles and god knows what else we came to the side of the house where we could see a few scattered old items and of course the side of the house - the house was actually fairly big - we then saw a garage and an access point to the garden - whilst TC_ was taking photos of the building I was looking at the garage as I saw something move and as we both fell silent for a second out of nowhere whoever was inside bust the doors open back and forth around three or four times and i kid you not I ran for my life - I completely forgot there was steps in the way and ate complete ground - TC_ was extremely confused the noise had spooked him obviously but he didn't see the doors or homeless person..

With that said a lot of alcohol gel / wipes were used to clean my camera and arm (camera first) I am not going back there any time soon to see what was actually in the garage the person will have heard us when we were inside which is pretty scary oh well...

anyway sorry about story time but it was pretty funny for TC_ who didn't even know what had happened if it was another urbex explorer I await my epic faceplant so please come forward...

Photos below ;)








Garage can be seen in the lower left part of this photo - Doors were blue I think...

and finally here is my arm - feels fine apart from being very sore... just a casual bit of road rash really

thanks for reading ;)

- DiM

also shoutout to TC_ for giving me the alcohol gel and wipes


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Oh Ouch but Lol. It may have been someone just having a laugh with you. Cruel but funny! You'll remember that one for a long time.
nice report :)


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Oh Ouch but Lol. It may have been someone just having a laugh with you. Cruel but funny! You'll remember that one for a long time.
nice report :)
probably was aha I can imagine it was hilarious to watch but I genuinely haven't ever moved that fast ..

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