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Report - Sharon Springs, Upstate New York, 09



Ok, here goes with my first post!

I discovered this place whilst researching another town call Saratoga Springs, which is still a thriving spa town today.

I visited with my Mum who is'nt scared to do a little tresspassing and also appreciates the old and decaying :)

Sharon Springs is nestled in the hills of upstate New York, it was known for its naturals springs of Chalybeate, Magnesium and Sulphur (whoar, eggy!!)
In 1843 the first hotel was built there, the main attraction was the 'health giving' waters, which people drank and bathed in. Towards the end of the 1800s, Sharon Springs popularity grew and there were close to a hundred hotels in 1898.
The turn of the century saw a series of events that would slowly suck the life out of the town.
In 1902, Sharon Springs was offered a race course, they refused as most of their clientel was Jewish and they are not a fan of gambling. The racecourse was then offered to Saratoga Springs and Saratoga jumped at the chance!
Other incidents that led to the decline of Sharon Springs was the 1920s depression, the direct railway line was stopped in the late 30s, in the 50s the new highway was built and completley bypassed Sharon.
It got one last flurry of visitors, just after WW2, prisoners of war were sent to Sharon to relax and re-couperate, all at the expensive of the German government!
A few of the main buildings in Sharon have been bought over by nine Korean business men(2007) And they plan to restore much of it to it formal glory. Even though I visited in 07, 08 and 09 and nothing has changed except the addition of some electric fences to keep people out of certain places.

Ok, and before we go on with the pics, I DID NOT ENTER ANY OF THE BUILDINGS, only coz my Mum was with me and would have killed me! But we did have to climb a few walls/fences, run away from a man with a gun and carry my Ma over a stream. So use these pics as inspiration to get a ticket to the US and explore this diamond of a ghost town!!

The bath houses, closed in 95.

One of the many boarded up hotels.

The hotel aboves pool, check those amazing chairs!!

One of the many wells to explore.

This pic nearly got us shot!!

The Adler, beautiful, how I would have loved to slip in one of the many open windows :)

One of the Adlers annexs

Im hoping to get back here with someone other than my Ma so I can get in and have a look around!

Claire xx