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Report - Sharpitor ROC Post - Devon - Aug 09'


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This post has sadly been DEMOLISHED.

Visited with Icutyou.

Sharpitor ROC post was opened in April 1963 and overlooks the towns of Yelverton, Tavistock and Horrabridge. One of the most important posts in the area, it had panoramic views over south Dartmoor and Plymouth.

When it was built, to blend in better with the surrounding landscape, it was clad in local stone. This post may very well have had the best views of any ROC post!
The post was closed in 1991, and until recently was left untouched. Alas, a few years ago, South West Water deemed it as a 'Hazard' and demolished it. All that remains now is pictured below.

Despite the Post no longer being here, I'd certainly recommend a visit - The views are truly breathtaking.

The Post

Remnants of the Ventilation-Shaft

The Entrance Shaft

The padlock used to secure a metal post which prevented vehicle access to the Post

The view from the Post (looking south). Arguably the best of any ROC Post


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