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Report - Shedden Hall, Torquay, Devon, June 2018


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This once stunning holiday resort has since seen better days, having been a family run hotel, it went out of business in 2012. After painstakingly weaseling in through a tiny window that had just recently been pried off, we found ourselves in the basement. There are so many stunning shots to be taken here and best of all, almost no graffiti at all. The building has been so well sealed for so long the knob heads hadn't had a chance to ruin too much. Though the top floor is a complete pigeon city lolView attachment 768316View attachment 768320View attachment 768323View attachment 768332View attachment 768333View attachment 768334View attachment 768335View attachment 768336View attachment 768337View attachment 768338View attachment 768339View attachment 768340View attachment 768341View attachment 768342
I explored this place last year and since then, there has been a lot of fire damage and when a couple of us went there about 4 months ago we heard people in the top floor and had found needles and other drug related items around the place so we got out of there as quickly as we could, not sure if they were squatters or exploring like ourselves but we didn’t want to take any chances


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Only the modern part is coming down and grade listed part is staying
A few people have said the same luke, but I've not seen any proof it's actually listed, have you? What's left is in a horrible state, I doubt it's recoverable

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