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Lead or Rumour info - Sheffield Markets, Waingate - now closed


Hasnt Ex'd many Urbs!!
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Building now closed for stripping and demolition.

Many shop units still have 1960/1970s style fronts on them, and the whole building still retains many original architectural features of the day.

Sheffield Museum have been given first dibs on the place to go in and take anything they which is left behind.
e.g. original shop fronts, tile features, etc

The basement contains bare remains of the 12th century castle.

Once demolition is complete I understand the university and museum will be throwing archeological investigations in to the whole site.

Its highly likely security will be all over it!


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28DL Full Member
I went there on Saturday and will post an adieu report tonight. The place is full of doors, likely locked and access will be arduous at best. Thumbs up to any one who can get in there now.