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Report - Sheffield Telephone House - March '14


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The Sheffield Telephone House, also known as the BT Telephone House, the BT House or the BT Tower, is a tower on Charter Row in Sheffield. It is 56 metres tall, and has 15 floors. It was formerly owned by BT, managing the phone networks in Sheffield, and was built in 1972 on the site of old council housing.
In March 2014, Telephone House was purchased by developer Vita which intends to convert the building into 347 ‘high-standard’ apartments.
Me and jazzywheelz first started investigating this place well over a year ago but it was always sealed up tight. Given its height and prominent position it was never far from my mind though.
Eventually, we sussed it on a complete fluke. I had been in town one sunny March day with the kids, shopping, snapping away with my new camera, and I happened to take this shot with it in the background:


Reviewing my shots later in the day something made me zoom in on it, and I was certain that there was an open door on the roof. And that could mean only one thing...
Messages were sent, things were arranged, and a couple of days later myself and "Selfie" jazzywheelz found ourselves trudging up the longest staircase ever along with "Piss Derp" tablets, who, as it turned out had also been eyeing it up and likes to piss in inappropriate places.

Unsure of the level of security that may or may not be involved we opted not to explore the building until after we'd hit the roof (nor take the lift up, as was my dumb suggestion). And what a roof it is! Probably my favourite; even better than St Pauls, despite not being as high. The different levels gave at least 3 different but equally good vantage points and made it all a lot more interesting too.

I did attempt the mast but unfortunately there was nothing above the ladder to stand on (the mast was removed a few days later).









After taking in the views we had a nose around a few floors but found nothing of interest; BT have stripped everything. We did make our way to the basement though, where we discovered some live kit and a makeshift security office. Soon after we did a runner, and the rest is history.


Cheers to jazzywheelz and tablets for an ace night!



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Top quality this!!, A friend and I noticed that same door open while we were on top of Atkinsons car park in town, we went to have a look but had no luck.

Great pics!!!


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Very nice :thumb Those views are epic! Definitely keep for a trip here if anyone fancies it?

I went for a look inside the moor building a few weeks ago but there wasn't enough to make a report out of, didn't stay long as didn't feel too safe as it was in process of being ripped down. I hope you dont mind me adding these to here


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