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Report - Sheffield Town Hall and Courthouse, Sheffield - April 2014


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The old Sheffield Courthouse, built in 1807/1808, was originally commissioned to replace Sheffield’s original Town Hall (built in the 1700’s) which, amid the expansion of the city, had become too small to fulfil its purpose. In the years to follow, the building was extended to include; a clock tower, court rooms and tunnels linking to adjacent police buildings. By 1890 the council decided, once again, to move to a far more extravagant and impressive Town Hall, and this can be located in the commercial and central district of Sheffield. During this time, the old Town Hall was revamped and established as Sheffield’s Crown and High Court. Nonetheless, by the early 1990’s the courts moved to a new premises and the building has remained derelict ever since. Although the former Town Hall and Courthouse is steadily deteriorating, it still retains some of its original features and it’s difficult not to admire the decaying grandeur throughout.

Our Version of Events

Having already entered the Courthouse back in 2012, we decided that a second visit was due. However, while last time we entered during the night, this time we decided to try a daytime visit in the hope that we would gather some better quality photographs. The number of windows, with peering eyes from within each, made the entry rather interesting, but, somehow (we think) we managed to get inside undetected. Time has definitely had an impact on the old building and there is now much more water damage, however, once again we managed to explore the entirety of the building; even the small places underneath. We very surprised to find that the electricity still works in parts of the building, given that it’s especially damp inside and that Sheffield council claim to be ‘skint’ – but then decided that we were in actual fact not surprised at all when we reflected on who previously owned it.

1: Crown Court Window Decoration


2: Court Number One


3: Criminal Practice Book


4: Court Room


5: Main Downstairs Hallway


6: Solicitors Room


7: Main Upstairs Corridor


8: Concealed Door - what do you think is behind it?


9: Court Room


10: Keys to the Building


11: The Cells


12: Cell Block (Rear View)


13: Clock Tower Through Top Floor Window


14: Clock Tower from Rooftop


15: Inside Clock Tower


16: Lower Section of Clock Tower (The Watchtower)



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Nice one you wernt the ones we scared off a few weeks ago was yous when we was trying to get in

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