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Report - Shek Pik Reservoir HKWW '66 drainage tunnel, Hong Kong, November 2019


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Hi everyone
My first post here. Sorry for the bad English, I am French.
This report is about the Shek Pik '66 tunnels that @siologen explored 3 years ago but didn't finish.

Here is the Shek Pik Reservoir: it is said that there was a village here before, that is now under water...
That will be for another day (note that the lake is a drinking water reservoir, even swimming is forbidden)
20190915-150050 - IMG_9263.JPG

The main tunnel entrance:
20190915-150306 - IMG_9270.JPG

The tunnel is straight and flat with a succession of concrete and rocky sections.
Small signs (on the right-hand side wall when you're heading North) indicate the distance, one more unit every 100 ft
20190915-163324 - IMG_9285.JPG
20191116-152721 - img_5028.jpg

The first exit point is c. 4km inside, immediately after a tunnel split that announces a 30° turn to the right.
The area is surrounded by a 10ft-high fence with barb wire on top.
20190915-155447 - IMG_9284.JPG
20191116-124849 - img_4597.jpg
20191116-125038 - img_4599.jpg

A small tunnel on the side leads to our first weir:
20191116-125446 - img_4602.jpg

I feel sorry for the owner of this.
20191116-125525 - img_4604.jpg

Though the tunnel had been mostly empty of life so far, in that last section I found a number of flying and jumping friends.
20191116-130606 - img_4655.jpg
20191116-142752 - img_4992.jpg

20190915-172847 - IMG_9346.JPG

At section number 170, ie just 150m further into the tunnel from the exit point pictured above, the most famous part of it:
20191116-131530 - img_4705.jpg

Note that this is a 20ft diameter tunnel, much bigger than it looks on this pic. A big truck could easily fit in here.

Another 15mn walk into the tunnel (nearly 1km), a second exit with a small side tunnel and a weir:
20191116-134313 - img_4849.jpg
20191116-134651 - img_4969.jpg

This one has a lot more water getting in.

1500m later, you can hear a giant fall. There is a big vertical shaft on the left, the air is full of mist and it is impossible to take a picture.
The temperature drops significantly when you approach it. Pretty impressive.
Outside, the top part of the the pit looks like this (I had checked it earlier)
20191116-113938 - img_4579.jpg
20191116-113641 - img_4577.jpg

Back undeground, walk another 1500m towards NorthEast and you'll (finally!) reach the end of the tunnel.
The path goes slowly up in that last section, with water flowing down in the centre
20191116-133944 - img_4839.jpg
20191116-141746 - img_4976.jpg

Here again the entrance is surrounded by a massive fence.
Impossible to squeeze in or out here.

The small squarish tunnel on the right hand side of the pic above leads to one last weir, thin and long:
20191116-141916 - img_4982.jpg
20191116-111307 - img_4548.jpg

(inside and outside views)

And that was for the Shek Pik Reservoir '66 tunnel
20191116-112601 - img_4559.jpg

Total tunnel length: c. 7km.
Beware the entrances can be slippery because of mud.
Of course, make absolutely sure that the weather cast is clear before entering!


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Very nice. Nice clear shots, liking shot section 170 and that bat shot they are cracking. Nothing wrong with your English. :thumbNo apologies needed. Its much better than some of our English lol .

Nice report :cool: