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Report - Shire Hill Hospital, Glossop - March 2020


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Hey guys! This is my first ever post on here so go easy on me please. ☺

I’ve been exploring for about 10 years now, just never posted any of my photos on here! So here goes nothing.


The facility was opened as the Glossop Union Workhouse in 1837. An infirmary building was subsequently added and extended in 1927. During the First World War beds were set aside for British military casualties. It became the Glossop Public Assistance Institution in 1930 and joined the National Health Service as Shire Hill Hospital in 1948. The trust announced a consultation on the potential closure of the hospital in 2017. After services were transferred to Tameside General Hospital, Shire Hill Hospital closed in 2018.

The Explore

On a lovely sunny Sunday after a night of dancing and drinking myself, @Mat Joyce and 2 non members went for a little look see at Shire Hill after reading a lead on the place last week.
We were pleasantly surprised when we approached the hospital, the external condition of the hospital was astounding! Little bit of a wander about through a housing estate and a couple of fields, and we found a way in.

The explore was very relaxed which made a nice change! However the site is overlooked by a lot of houses and there is still power to one of the buildings with plenty of cameras, PIRs and other security measures in place. Access was simple, but took us a while to find, i do love a little bit of a challenge, no one likes a simple and boring explore. I enjoy being kept on my toes.

There is a lot of water ingress in one of end the building now, probably due to recent severe weather, some floors are very soft and one room has a lovely internal waterfall. However the rest of the overall internal condition was also as amazing as the outside, it felt like if they just pushed some beds back in it could almost be re opened tomorrow! It was very surreal. Upstairs in the main building is an exact replica of the ground floor, and nothing really stood out in particular.

Probably only spent around an hour having a look about, but i feel like it was a productive visit nonetheless.

On to the photos!

Sadly i didn't go prepared as i was still a little hungover and stupid me forgot a charged torch, and even managed to leave my entire camera bag at home!
So the photos were just quick iPhone snapshots to document the explore.
Maybe i wont drink the night before an explore next time!












Thanks for looking guys!​
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Mat Joyce

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Thanks for the mention, it’s about time we started to document some of the explores we do! Was so nice to see a hospital that hadn’t been stripped for copper and totally trashed by kids. Nice find, nice first report


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Well done on getting out there and getting this place done. Think that's the first report from there on here...
Thanks, yeah I can’t seem to find anything else on here apart from a lead/rumour. ☺


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That's a great report, very well done. That was my post in Leads and Rumours by the way, I knew I shouldn't have been so lazy haha.


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The lead came via someone local who mentioned it had closed to someone I know, just goes to show it's always worth keeping your ears open!

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Good 1st report, someones been taking notes, its spot on. Good shots, history & explore details, title all correct, very well done and also a new explore on here. Some nice iron work on that first stair case:thumb