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Report - Shooter's Nab, Marsden - November 2012


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Shooter's Nab, Marsden - November 2012

Visited with Fishbrain, Morse and Roof.

This started as a plan to drive to the pub for a quick drink. Somewhere through the course of the evening, Fishbrain managed to convince Roof and I that it would be a good idea to 'quickly check out a drain'. Other words he used were, 'you can drive right up to it'... 'it's only about 10 minutes walk' and 'wellies will be fine'. Phrases he didn't use include, '5ft stoop', 'torrential/ horizontal rain' and 'wellies will certainly not be fine'.


The three of us got very wet. We drove to the pub and sat in front of the fire to dry off.

Anyway, Fishy, Morse and myself went back, just to get a little further and see if there was something more to be offered further down the line.


There wasn't. An hour and 20 minutes of crouching, stooping, resting and repeat ensued until we reached this, the only distiguishable feature of the drain...



Fishbrain at this point clocked where we would be above ground and figured it'd take the same sort of unbearable time again to complete and so we headed back the way we came. Fortunately moving along with the current rather than struggling against it, we flew out in about half the time.


My back ached for the next 4 days.

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