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Report - Shoreham Cement Works - March 2012


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This place had been on the cards for a while so, myself, Innercityrob and a non member, headed along the coast for Shoreham after booking a day off work!

After a brief scout around, we found a nice entry point, unfortunately it was in front of a residents window and after loitering around ummm-ing and arrr-ing for a while, we got told to bugger off by the miserable old sod who lived there. Great!

After a good hour or so scouting around the whole place, we found a distant entry point and we were in.

As we'd taken a day off work, it was a week day. Big mistake!! For anyone thinking of going here, the cement works may well be empty and derelict but the quarry that it resides in is quite the opposite. There were workers everywhere, security at the main gate, arctics ferrying truck loads of raw materials in and out. This would be fun! Unfortunately the non member that we agreed to bring along was far from the stealthiest person around. In fact, we might as well have walked around with flashing lights on us. Anyway, for the most part, we remained undetected.

The first building we came across was a small outbuilding at the top of the quarry, inside it was covered in graffiti.


We got our first glimpses of the works from an elevated position, it was a dull day so please excuse the grey, flat looking images.




We made our way down to the level of the cement works, dodging workers, dumper trucks and diggers and quickly made our way into the nearest building at the back of the complex. This looked to be like some sort of building for crushing up the ingredients for the cement.



Little did we know, this building would be our prison for the next few hours. This building was joined onto another by a walkway which looked as it there would have been a conveyor running the length of it. We used this walkway to have a look into the next building. There wasn't much to see so we returned to the first.



I mentioned previously that this building was to be our prison. Well from this point onwards the trucks returned one, by one, by one. The drivers would sit in their cabs in front of our only exit from the building, filling out their paperwork and then jet washing their trucks off. They were parked outside the main cement works building so we were trapped for sure. Just when we thought the last truck was done, another would arrive back from it's drop off. We stood inside, looking out, watching the daylight fade rapidly.


Finally, the last truck driver got into the last car in the car park and fucked off home. A sigh of relief. We made our way into the main building, we admired the huge chimney that I longed to climb but found the ladder had been cut off way out of reach. The next photo is just to show anyone who's thinking of going here, how many trucks there are and where they park.


Once inside the building, we realised how dodgy it was, some very rotten floors in certain areas so we had no choice but to use torches after Mr Quiet almost fell through a floor some 5 or 6 storeys up.





At this point, I must have had some 6th sense. I told the others to kill their torch light and I stuck my head outside to have a look around. Coming in our direction was the security guard with a powerful torch flashing it in all directions. He was without doubt searching for something... us!

We noted that the front gate was wide open when we walked past earlier so just made a run for the gate, the guard obviously wasn't in his hut so we should be ok. We legged it towards to the main entrance only to find the gate locked. Shit! The only way out was back towards the guard. We knew he hadn't spotted us, but he was looking, our torch light flicking around inside the building must have given us away.

We legged it back the way we'd just come expecting to bump into him but he was still a way off. We were next to a fence but it was high. Not an ideal exit but we didn't have any choice, we were cornered and he was heading our way, his torch beam searching in all the bushes and windows of the buildings. We bundled ourselves over the fence and disappeared into the night, but not without a departing shot.

The white light you can see in the centre of the photo is the security's light searching for us.


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