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Report - Shoreham Cement Works May 2017


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The Visit
The site shutdown in 1967 and has been derelict since 1991. This was our second explore and sadly we didn't really get to go in any of the main building. We were able to get a couple pictures and visit the strange bus graveyard on the western side where the old administrative blocks were.

We had taken multiple trains and busses to get there and were bummed when we realised that our only point of entry would be from the other side. Walking around the site we decided to try the other side as the security was much higher than our last exploration and we were still fairly new to urban exploration.

We poked around in a couple of old London busses and coaches and were just about to step inside the main building. When one of our group told us all to stop. We looked back to the busses and noticed an unusual man hunched over a table. We decided it was best to just make ourselves known rather than continue. We had to say "excuse me" about 5 times before he responded and when he turned around we immediately realised why.

The western side of the site was inhabited by Gypsies and Druggies. When this guy turned around it was clear he had been taking something. He was then accompanied by a woman who also didn't look very healthy and they told us we could go on the busses and then leave.

The busses on the western side recently went up in flames and a police investigation has been started to find out what caused the fire. Link here --> http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-sussex-41377815

View of the main site

View of the western side of the site

This was the area we met the gypsies

Not sure what this was doing up there or how it was there.

More of the main site. Didn't notice the guy at the top of the hill until we got back :D

An inviting looking sign :D

Last thing we saw before leaving :)

Hope you liked the pictures comment ur thoughts

- Kerrarik


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The main building is well worth getting in to, the security is fairly high now though as they still store a lot of active plant in the yard. I heard about the fire on the radio be interesting to see how much damage its done..

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