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Report - Shorts Tunnels, Rochester Kent. May 2016


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After researching possible ways into the tunnel me and some none members headed to Rochester where we checked our possible leads,however after searching for a long time in the rain we decided to call it a day and we were still determined to see the amazing tunnels.The next week we continued our research and attempted it for the second time and succeeded in our goal.We found the entrance and began the descent into the tunnel (the entrance was unsafe and so we would not recommend it to a beginner).
Once we had negotiated our way down the entrance looking ahead we realized the scale of the tunnel.While searching the tunnels we saw the original furnishing,items and even graffiti that we believed dated back to WW2.

A little history about these tunnels is that they were constructed in 1941 at the back of the short sea plane factory. Before the tunnels where extended they were just two large brick lined vaults which the company used as a work shop. The tunnels have a series of underground passages, which were used as air raid shelter and stretch 1,300 foot. The tunnels contain WW2 graffiti such as planes/cowboys etc. The tunnels are no longer used to date since the Blaw Knox left in 1990s and a large housing estate was erected on top of the tunnels.

Sorry about the pictures! any feed back is welcome.








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