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Hello All, looking for some friendly advice...

I have been researching the Shorts Sea Plane factory and the tunnels. No I’m not here asking for entry points It has taken me 6 weeks’ worth of Saturday mornings but I have found 4 entrances. 3 are a no go but the 4th is "Air Shaft 1". Air Shaft 1 is well documented and you can find plenty of photos of it when you google the tunnels. Firstly, I would like to report that there has been some damage to the top of the shaft. it looks as if someone has forced the corrugated iron inwards in an attempt to block the shaft (I would attach some photos but I’m a noob and haven’t figured that out on this forum yet ). Fortunately, it was a poor job and it’s still passable. The aluminium ladder depicted in online photos has gone and has been replaced by a very dodgy looking wooden ladder with several rungs missing For me this is not an issue as one of my exploration team members for this planned visit is an experienced rock climber and will be supplying equipment and training so we can repel down the shaft and climb back out using a prosukc method. Anyway, enough babble, onto my query...

I have read reports published in 2015 from people that have visited with no problems. However, I have heard rumours that now, once you get down the shaft and into the first area, the main complex of tunnels has been sealed off making this a very short trip. Can anyone confirm this? When was the last know visit? Have there been any visits by anyone in say the last 2 months? If it is blocked, how is it blocked?

Any input would be greatly appreciated :thumb


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WELL! Went down the shaft today to take a look for myself.

I can confirm that Shorts Tunnels - Air Shaft 1 has been welded tighter than a nun's "you know what". You can get to the bottom of the shaft but your immediately met with a large steel door that has been very well welded from the inside :(


On the bright side, got some nice photos of the epic air shaft. Good climb...




by Sub Exploration

On a happy note, there’s a hell of a breeze coming from that door. This makes me hopeful that another way can be found.
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Well done for going and finding out for yourself. it's been sealed quite a while now.
Disapointing but ended up going to the AEI Henley Shelter. This place has been done on here many times but a report has not been done on the abandoned admin building/factory floor so will get that posted by the end of the weekend.


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Try and find a tunnel plan if you can, and use it to find the locations of any entrances. That might help you find the opening that's allowing that breeze through.

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