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Report - Shotton Jetty Pump House (Flintshire, Aug, 2019)


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A pump house and water tank near the Flintshire bridge on the north side of the River Dee.
Built between 1954 and 1963, it presumably served the Shotton (now TATA) steelworks in the days when steel was actually made there.

First the tank, which has several pipes going up one side…

…and a big one coming down the other, now capped at ground level.

No easy way inside so some pictures from on top.

The pump house - one large room and some mostly empty smaller ones.

Nearby, a recent power station and the bridge.



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Brilliant photos. Shame that the lovely old Admin Building with the clock tower next door is one the list of 10 most endangered buildings in UK. So much money is wasted on crap, and a decent building is allowed to disappear. I calculate the likely restoration cost to be 2 million, about 0.0031% of HS2 cost. 4+ million was spent on the crappy TY PAWB is nearby Wrexham. A town that could do with some real help.


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Cool, i kept meaning to go look at that one. Theres some others around there near the papermill that look interesting, still in use tho i think.

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