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Report - Shougang Coke & Steel Works Beijing 2013


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Shougang Coke And Steel Works Beijing​

With a two week holiday in China i thought i have to try and get a least one explore done while i'm their, after a bit of research i found this place in Beijing, great all i need to do now in try and convince my girlfriend to go with me...this was the easy part so early one morning we hoped on the subway, take the 1 line to Pingguoyuan in the Shijingshan district which by the way is 20p no matter how far you go...once you leave the station you leave behind the tourist trail of Beijing and step into a busy street with flatbed trucks people hustling you for taxis etc a somewhat desolate place, but there in the distance looms this gigantic and somewhat overwhelming site. we hop into a taxi and ask to be taken to the site, five minutes later we arrive at the front security gate, now my chinese is rubbish but my girlfriends is fluent so with a brief chat we were in. The funny thing is the Chinese are allowed onto site and use it to cut through to the other side of town some people live on site...homeless i think. she manages to get me in so off we go, not knowing where to go we headed for some tall chimneys and the rusty looking parts which turns out to be all rusty. the other thing is you notice is that i have never seen a site so well locked down, all the stairwells are cut away nearly all the doors and windows have been welded shut making entry into buildings quite hard and not wanting to risk to much having my girlfriend their i went for some of the easy building that were open, still interesting to see i wanted to find the Heavy metal part of the site this never came, what i did find were the train wagons that were heavy duty. also on site is a workers hospital, cinema and a school all evaded me, if you look at the Google earth shot this gives you some idea how long it would take to cover the site and not knowing where your going didn't help. luckily for me i can go back and hopefully find these parts before demo starts. the site is very impressive and i came away very happy with what i saw evan if it wasn't all the heavy duty stuff just walking among the giant stacks was enough for me and nice to see something in such a different part of the world.


The site was founded in 1919 by the Shougang Company Ltd a pig-iron plant it became the largest steel mill in the country sprawling from the suburbs over 8.56 Sq kilometres, at its peak in the 1990's it annual output was 10 million tonnes and offered iron rice bowls to more than 200,000 workers with many living on site for many months at at time never leaving the site. it evan had it's own ice cream and news paper called the Shougang daily. however in 2001 when Beijing was awarded the olympic game's it's days were numbered with locals also concerned about pollution and it was difficult to run so in 2008 it was closed down, the site according to security will be knocked down, some want to turn part of the site into a Museum which to be honest i doubt will happen as it's to far for the average tourist...Enjoy

Roughly translated as work hard and be competitive.​


Red indicates the sheer size of the site and green indicates the small amount of the site i did in three hours.​