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Report - Shrubhill tram depot, Edinburgh, March 2016


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After visiting Shrubhill a few times at night, I couldn't get any good pictures of the interior. So I thought it was time I paid it a visit during the day.

Opened in 1898, the Shrubhill Tramway Workshops and Power Station in Shrub Hill off Leith Walk, Edinburgh, was part of the cable-tram system in the city being rolled out by Edinburgh and District Tramways, who had taken over the horse-drawn lines of Edinburgh Street Tramways within the city boundary. The site had previously been used as stables and workshops of the EST since their creation in 1871. It's not to be confused with the Edinburgh Northern Tramways cable system (also taken over by E&DT in 1897), which had a power station in Hendserson Row. The power station drove the cable, while complete trams were built and maintained in the works. It passed to Edinburgh Corporation Tramways in 1919 when it took over E&DT's lines, and continued to be used to manufacture many of the city's trams into the electrification era. As the tram system was dismantled from 1952, the last tram service terminated at the Shrubhill depot on 16 November 1956. After the trams, the works became a bus depot for the Corporation, and later with its successor, Lothian Region Transport. After closure as a bus depot, it was latterly used as a museum, housing preserved double-decker tram No. 35. It eventually closed in the 1980s due to a leaking roof. Planing issues meant it stayed in LRT ownership until 2004, when it was sold for development.


1.View from the street

2.Tram workshop

3. Tram storage

4. Tram storage and workshop from outside

5.Tunnel entrance


Feedback / suggested improvements are welcome!

Thanks for looking
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Firstly you might want to delete that comment. Not to be harsh but this is a public forum so anyone can see that you will be there. This includes security, chavs pikies. To answer you're question, if you want to explore the tunnels underneath you might want to bring a torch, and maybe a dust mask.