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Report - Sidebottom Farm or 'War Widows House', Delemere, Nov 2020

Calamity Jane

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Nice explore there. You can see some pretty old remnants of the place. That fireplace is pretty stunning. The old light switch & old tasselled lampshade really show age.

Interested to know where the history came from. Its a really sad story, but very touching.

Nice 2nd report, 2 up in 12 days. Good for you. I do prefer straight photos, but always say each to their own. I can still see this is a nice explore. :thumb


grumpy sod
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No I'm sorry but ive been exploring about 4-5 years now, ive only just started interacting and joining sites and I can see i havent missed much. I am not the type to sit back and take loads of fully grown men belittling me being patronising.
I post for enjoyment and fun, i havent had one nice comment they are ALL throwing sly stupid digs at me and its petty as hell. It's not what you want when you feel proud about finally posting things and coming out your shell. One or two comments is fine, I can laugh at that but a whole 2 page thread is disgusting.
Nobody is attacking you personally. The issue is that severely angled photos never go down well, and so will get a reaction.

You may think it's petty but all it is is a gentle ribbing, the thing is if you act up to it and get defensive it'll escalate as more people reply, the best thing to do is take it on the chin and have a laugh. Plenty of us have faced similar stuff on here in the past and having stuck with it and shown they're not ones to throw the toys out the pram in a huff have become well known well respected members on here.

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I actually posted a report also with a few angle shots and got the same response lol so it’s far from just you Kirsty, I am still here your probably upset by that but never mind . I always pick at @Bikin Glynn photos because he thinks he great and he ent :coat


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28DL Full Member
I think that, as these reports are meant to be "Factual Records" of what is recorded from a visit, then a photo of what it actually appears as you look at it is the best way to show what's there, because I don't know anyone who would walk into a room and put their head on one shoulder, then the other, which is impression these slanted photos give.
I suppose, that as I'm a Time-Served Engineer, also having worked in a Drawing Office then becoming an Instructor in an Adult Training Centre, followed by retraining to become a CDT Teacher later on, I'm used to working with plans & working drawings which depict exactly what they represent, but that's just my personal opinion on how I like to view things.
It's great that you managed to find and record this building, but I think your presentation has let it down somewhat.
With my Teachers Hat on, 10 out of 10 for effort, but no Gold Star.

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