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Report - Sidedraft drain - Manchester - Apr 13


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Sidedraft - Manchester​

A year shy of it's 100th birthday, Side-draft is yet another culvert of the Gore Brook.
Part concrete, but mostly brick it boasts quite a few nice little features along the way,
some of which I didn't manage to capture after taking a swim just before the RCP,
thanks mostly to a rather large hole in the floor, and completely soaking the camera

After lurking around the estate for 20 minutes, waiting for the park to clear of scrotes,
we got impatient and carried on wadered up the hilt and dropped in to the brook.

Visited with Marsden1002 and Nickindroy


Looking back out towards the Infall from the 7ft rcp


Heading downstream, it's fairly slippy underfoot but soon turns into this 'gripper'



As the gripper drops away, we reach the two way split, the left houses a ladder and
manhole, but we take the right and head towards the first of this drains 'features'



This small, but rather photogenic 2 level inspection chamber



Carrying on down the right channel, it starts to silt up, and the water turns black


We passed a couple of these on route, trying not to get soaked in the process


The right hand channel finally rejoins the left, and the water levels drop once again.

Continuing down stream we came to the 5ft rcp leading into a huge 2 level poop
processor, which is where I decidec to take a swim and completely trash my camera
in the process, anyway I carried on camera-less into the pipe..needless to say it f'ing
stank and was anything but dry.

I shall return to complete my visit, but for today that's all folks !

Thanks for looking :thumb
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