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Report - Sileby Tip/Incinerator, Leicstershire - April 2013


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This evening we where stuck for a little something to do, after a visit to one place we wanted to do was a bit of a fail so we thought we would have a short drive up to Sileby Tip and see whats left of the place. Prepare to be underwhelmed by this tip!

A little bit of history of this dump of a place. The site was originally a Clay pit workings until just after WW2, then in the 1950s it was proposed and approved to use the site as landfill and this continued until some time in the late 60's. The site was then turned into an incinerator plant which remained operational until sometime before 1991. From then on until its closure around early 2011 it was used just for county council residents to dump their crap which then got carted off elsewhere.

This was a pretty boring mooch for the most part, but a mooch non the less. After we had finished we headed to Watermead park to just take some photos (1 at the end of report).

Explored with JuJu and another explorer friend.







And here is one I took from watermead.


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