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Report - Silken Hotel redux, London 2010

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We kind of did this place a while ago with Forsaken, but got only to the roof as the dome camera on the crane put us off climbing it.


I was quite disappointed and I don't like unfinished business so some time later I reccied this place some more and decided I'll do it in spite of that camera. It went alright and it was really worth the effort, the views are even better than I expected. The security isn't super-strict (once you figure out what the situation there is) but the owners definitely check this forum as soon after Forsaken's report was posted in public they put new threatening signs on the hoarding and locked the staircase ha ha. And if I remember correctly the camera was installed on the crane in the first place because of explorers. That's why I'm posting it in Members section this time, I know there's a few people who will want to do it (Forsaken?;)) so I don't want to ruin it for them.

It was one of my best crane explorations so far. The weather was nice, the views were great (especially over the river which bends nicely in that area). I'm often a bit paranoid about being seen while doing cranes but it wasn't the case this time. There are no other tall structures around and there were no helicopters in the sky, I felt totally relaxed and safe being up there. I spend there more than an hour before heading down.

View over Thames



Somerset House. Back in winter my main reason to climb the crane was to actually have a look at Somerset House. It had an ice rink in the middle then and some christmas trees with lots of lights, I thought I'd look great from above. Sadly it was all dark now.



View on the opposite side


Crown House ;)


Centre Point, BT Tower


Waldorf Hotel



I never get tired of watching these three. I like how they always are in a different order depending on where you look from... It's Heron Tower, T42 and Gherkin if you look from here. It's opposite (G-T42-H.T.) if you look from Whitechapel crane and it's Tower-Heron-Gherkin if you look from Strata. And here there's St Paul's right in front of them all.


Thanks for looking.

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