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Report - Silverdale ROC Post - august 2018


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  • Post opened October 1962
  • Post closed September 1991
Silverdale was assigned as 25 post in Shrewsbury 16 group and was in a cluster with Audlem 26 post and Middlewich 27 post (now demolished) of which Silverdale was the master post. This small two roomed bunker lies within the grounds of Silverdale country park at the top of a very steep hill, likely caused by a history of open cast mining in the area until 1994, with a very imposing view over stoke on Trent which would suggest this was also an ideal location for the WW2 Aircraft Observation post . The post is merely meters from a trig point

When first surveyed on the 11th April 1999 the post was found to be locked an in relatively good external condition. The post , prior to closure, had a strengthened hatch created through adding much stronger hatches and hasps which may suggest due its open and exposed position being near to residential property it may have suffered break - ins ( or this may have been feared ). This would also explain why the post had gone so long without being left open after stand down. Also at this time the site wasn't established as a public open space.

photograph by Nick Catford : Source http://www.subbrit.org.uk/rsg/roc/db/988379872.013002.html

Come 2006 the post was found to have been broken into and didn't look too bad inside with the furniture remaining, foam tiling on the walls mostly in tact and a few other artefacts present such as the Asbestos fire blanket, shelving and copper earthing straps. However looking at the images it appears the post was suffering a little from water damage and a fair bit of mould. According to subbrit the post was to then be relocked and tidied up in the winter of 2006 hopefully preserving it for the future.


Photograph by Ian Blairs October 2006 : Source http://www.subbrit.org.uk/rsg/roc/db/988379872.013002.html

By 2009 the area had been officially turned into silverdale country park which likely lead to easy access the site for those looking to vandalise and break into the post which is exactly what happened.

My Visit
On an extremely long car journey to the highlands me and my girlfriend Maggie stopped off at this post only to find it completely wreaked. The post is severely fire damaged with little to nothing left inside in terms of artefacts. Externally the reinforced hinges have been broken and the hatch is hanging off which has allowed to sump to fill to dangerous levels so it may not be long before this ones flooded. Also the area is horrendously overgrown but this does cause much problems in access to the site.




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