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Report - Silverlands 2014-Feb 2015


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Visited between August 2014 & February 2015 with DirtyJigsaw, sweet_pea, gigi, Adam X,
James Kerwin, Richie, The Raw, Lenston, Extreme Ironing, Spidermonkey, M Thornley, ZeroUE.

The exact date Silverlands was built is not known, but is thought to be around 1820, give or take a few years. Initially it was used as a family home, and in 1938 the Actor’s Orphanage moved in, supporting destitute children of actors and actresses. These children however were evacuated to New York in 1940 due to the conflict of World War II. In the early 1940’s a nursing school was set up to train medical staff and they were joined in 1945 by the children who returned after the war. The orphanage closed its doors in 1958 but the nursing school remained at this site until the 1990’s. It sat empty for a few years, at which point the National Probation Service announced plans to refurbish the building and transfer patients from Wolvercote clinic for “residential assessment and intervention programmes for adult males with allegations of, or convictions for, sexual offences involving childrenâ€Â. This announcement was met with disgust and strong opposition from local residents and parents who have their children at one of the 23 schools within just 2.5miles of the site. After protests, it was confirmed in 2002 by the Home Office Minister that Silverlands would not become the new home for this clinic. At this point, it was abandoned, however not before an estimated £3.7m was spent refurbishing the Grade II listed building.

Silverlands was always a location I wanted to visit, it was near the top of my list when I first started exploring in December 2012, new to the game I was put off by stories of PIRs, CCTV, Loudspeakers and security. It was the infamous site… “Get in, snap a few photos and expect security with you within 20 minutes… shortly followed by police.†I have since made 13 visits over the last 7 months with many different explorers. All security features were turned off for a short period of time, I guess this was due to the security call-out costs. It appeared in a certain National newspaper and in just a couple of weeks the place deteriorated a fair bit. Security measures have since been re-instated.

External - The view from the outer perimeter fence.

External - The front door.

Through the front door, the main entrance.

The grand staircase

Looking up from the first landing.

From the top of the stairs, one of the many chandeliers.

The lift shaft.

Upstairs is a TV screen which flicks through the CCTV cameras.

The most famous room in Silverlands, the decay is beautiful.

The same room at night, it's amazing the lights still work.

A few months before the above photo, before all the light bulbs were replaced. :idea:

A close up of the details of this room, with the decay and growth.

Another room on the ground floor, more decay.

And my favourite room, also on the ground floor.

Smoke lingering in the dilapidated room.

Another room with working lights.


Oxygen Thief

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Good set of pictures that is, it's slowly going downhill...


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28DL Full Member
Definitely starting to show more deterioration. Always fancied a crack at this might have to go before it ends up like the rest. Nice pics man cheers for posting


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amazing shots mate!


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Got some good pics there :thumb Shame it's been it's going downhill


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This place looks interesting still many nice features :thumb


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28DL Full Member
Just a heads up that the owner is now starting a civil trespass case against 6 people caught there last month,the place is being boarded and grilled next month and cctv is being updated...so just a warning also secs are now doing a lot more patrols there.

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Just a heads up that the owner is now starting a civil trespass case against 6 people caught there last month,the place is being boarded and grilled next month and cctv is being updated...so just a warning also secs are now doing a lot more patrols there.
I'm not doubting you... but do we know any of these people? First I've heard. They can only be sued for actual costs, so I'm wondering what the case is against them. We kind of need to know this as a community.


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28DL Full Member
I'm one of the nicer secca guards that work up at silverlands that some of you may have met and I'm also a photographer and not just a arsehole guard,I'm just giving you guys the heads up with what's going on as the owner is fed up and to also let you guys know a couple of surveyors went there last week and we are aware the 1st floor is now structurally unsafe,if you guys still decide to go don't venture any further than the staircase and there is a huge Hornets nest where the key room is down by the ballroom.if you guys need to know anything pm me as like I said I'm the nicer one of the guards that attend there.