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Report - Silverlands Orphanage April 2015


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An amazingly fantastic, yet slightly traumatic explore for me and my dad. Amazingly fantastic, as the architecture and style of the building is far better in real life than in the pictures, despite how beautiful the pictures already are. The intricately carved oak walls and furniture and the multiple chandeliers and the whole grandeur of the place in general was brilliant. I loved it.

However, slightly traumatic, as we were caught by security, and police, within 20 minutes of arrival - which is not a fun experience for only your second EVER urban explore - the first one being earlier that day. :D

When we arrived, there was actually another group who had arrived just before us. We knew we had to be quicker, as that gave us less time (security were probably already on their way). We did find a way in through a window, but it came to a dead end, so we had to walk around the building to find another entrance. By this point we'd already been in front of the security cameras multiple times - there was no avoiding it - so we just went for it.

Eventually we did find a way in and looked around on the first floor and part of the second floor. We bumped into the group, who had been there before, and told us that security were probably going to be here soon - as I'd expected. So, I made sure I'd seen and photographed the grand staircase, the yellow-ceilinged room and the white decaying room before going upstairs and looking around some more. Within about 2 minutes security came and made us leave the way we came.

As was were leaving the premises, we bumped into the police, who were outside the building. The police and security didn't seem to know that each other had come, so a neighbour must have called them or something like that. We just had to have a talk with them . We got out alright - they just took down our names. I guess it could've been worse. One of the police men made the other group delete their photos on their phones but I got let off - he must not have seen the camera.

But, I still loved looking around and I got some great photos. It's an absolutely beautiful place and had so much fun


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Nice shots there mate :thumb Shame you got busted :(

I don't think they can force you to delete your photos...?
Taking photographs is not a crime. :eek: )
Doesnt stop them trying it anyway lol - half the time they dont know what they should know which is why its good to know what you do know!

Miss Mayhem

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28DL Full Member
Thanks, and I will do. I'm new to the site and I'm actually trying to work out how to edit it! I hadn't finished the thread but I accidentally posted it and I can't work it out! :D
Welcome along, don't worry about the police thing shit happens! :D
If you go on where it says tools on the end of your thread you
will find the edit button, from there you can edit your report : )

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